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Today was our schools award day.

Unexpectedly I got called up three times.

First for getting above 95% in woodworking 1 first semester

Second for doing well In Studio Foundations 1 

And third from my English teacher. (And this is in front of the whole school she said:)    and this award goes to a girl who will literally draw on anything, *says my name* haha can you roll up your sleeve? *i lift up my shirt sleeve and there’s all of my drawings resulted from boredom* 

Some random kid:  Dude shes even got markers in her pocket! look at her back pocket!

Me:*Speed walks down the stairs tired as hell from walking all this distance* thanks* walks up steps and dies from attention*

the award looked like shit


What do you do? Draw a sign with the word “loserprodigy” on it Make it as creative and awesome as you can! Tag it under-loserprodigiescontest1 

Why? I’ll make a whole page on my Tumblr just for the contestants with your link to it, you’ll also get shared on my Instagram (@dayna_kun) . After it’s over, I’ll delete the page and leave the winner, who I’ll post

Seriously why? I doubt anyone’s going to do this for me so you’re probably going to be the only one. Even if there’s only one person entering, I’ll still do this.


Ends:March 16th

I think I’ll do this every month guys.

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